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The July 7th issue of Country Weekly (on stands 6/27) will feature a two-page spread on Lonestar's "Just The Rain," video.  Be sure and grab a copy or two!


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By Wendy Geller

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It's pretty hard to beat a 20-year anniversary, and the guys in Lonestar aren't even pretending to not celebrate! The band, which recently reunited with original lead singer Richie McDonald, is currently embarking on a mega-tour across North America, bringing the sound country fans have loved for two decades live.

Over 10 million albums later, it's hard to argue the quartet is stronger than ever. Here, they're gearing up for the release of their new single’s music video, “Just The Rain," which Ram Country is thrilled to offer the first glimpse at.

What's the secret to the band's longevity? As McDonald puts it succinctly: "Honestly, through it all, the one thing that has kept Lonestar around is that we're just four good old boys from Texas."

To find out when Lonestar will be in your neck of the woods, check here.


Courtesy - Billboard
By Chuck Dauphin

In 2008, Richie McDonald – longtime lead singer of the group Lonestar parted ways with the group to concentrate on a solo career. Though the band pressed on with Cody Collins taking over the main vocals, McDonald's return in 2011 gave the band a well-needed shot in the arm. "It's been great," member Michael Britt tells Billboard. "It feels like things are back to normal. It was a little bit different having Cody in the band. You do what you have to do to keep the ball rolling, but as soon as Richie came back, it felt like a comfortable pair of boots."

The synergy that McDonald, Britt, Keech Rainwater, and Dean Sams have together is something that Britt says cannot be underestimated. "We spent so many years playing together that he always knows what we are going to do, and we can tell what he is about to do. So, there's a comfort zone in that you know what the other guy is thinking."

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