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has been writing and performing for more than 20 years now. They had already released nine singles, which included two No.1 hits by the time they released the song “Amazed” in 1999. “We heard the song at a song meeting at RCA. We thought it was a very passionate song. A beautiful song. We had no idea what it would do on the country chart.” These were the words spoken by band member and lead singer Richie McDonald. The song spent eight straight weeks at the No.1 spot on the Billboard country charts. A remixed version held the No.1 spot on the Billboard Top 100 for two weeks. And tonight, Lonestar shared their music with the fans at The Hudson Gardens And Event Center in Littleton, Colorado to a sold out crowd.

Originally formed in Nashville in 1992, Lonestar played over 500 shows before landing a recording contract. By the time they released their self-titled debut album in 1995, they had a fan base that was amazing. Following this group since day one and the fans loved what they heard. Their first single “Tequila Talkin’” went to Top ten on the country charts. It was followed up by “No New” which would be the first of many No.1 hits singles for Lonestar. The band is still going strong and Sunday night proved it. The current members are: Richie McDonald – Lead vocals and piano, Michael Britt – lead guitar and backing vocals, Keech Rainwater – drums and Dean Sams – keyboards, acoustic guitar and backing vocals. Lonestar performed for a little over 2 hours and sang a lot of their No.1 hits and some that were newer. They introduced the audience to some of the new songs on their new CD and the response was overwhelming. The lyrics that this group writes are meaningful and the vocals and harmonies are incredible. Even with all this talent and fan appreciation, this band has never lost sight of where they came from. They continue to work hard and strive to bring their love of music to millions. Instead of the five star hotels along the tour route, this group would rather stay at a campground and enjoy some peaceful time fishing, or just chilling by the fireside.

During the concert, the Examiner wondered through the crowd to speak with people about their favorite song, a lot of the ladies love the song ‘Amazed’. But we did speak with different ladies and got some different reactions to their favorite songs. Young Caelan Debolt said her favorite song is ‘Come Crying To Me’. Sarah Costin loves the song amazed. There were several in the audience who have never been to Hudson Gardens and Examiner caught up to one of those newbie Amanda Gunton. She has a lot of songs that are her favorite by Lonestar. But her top two songs are ‘Amazed’ and ‘Mr. Mom. Down in the front row were more new audience members who were huge fans of Lonestar and stated that they will be coming back to The Hudson Gardens and Event Center for more shows. They said this was one of the most gorgeous places to see a show. Jennifer Moleateau said her all-time favorite is ‘I’m Already There’. Party girl and longtime follower of Lonestar said her favorite song is ‘Tequila Talkin’’ because it gets her moving and she just has a great time every time she plays the song.



Country group Lonestar has given all-acoustic concerts in the past but, for its regular shows, keeps the instruments mostly plugged in, according to lead guitarist Michael Britt.

“Every time we throw in an acoustic section in a regular show, it throws off the momentum,” he says.

That's not to say the group won't find a way to incorporate some acoustic material.

“This is the time of year to think about about how to make the show more unique and fun for us,” Britt says.

Guaranteed to make the setlist will be an ever-changing rock medley during which Lonestar lets the guitars rip for eight to 10 minutes. The group has tried everything from Pink Floyd and KISS to Kenny Loggins and the Eagles.

“The rock medley is so much fun to do,” Britt says.

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Lonestar had already released nine singles, which included two No. 1 hits, by the time they released “Amazed” in 1999. But while the four-man group knew the ballad written by Marv Green, Aimee Mayo and Chris Lindsey was something special, they were ill-prepared for the impact the tune would have on their career.

“We heard the song at a song meeting at RCA,” lead singer Richie McDonald recently recalled to reporters. “We thought it was a very passionate song. We thought it was a beautiful love song. I don’t think we had any idea it was going to do what it did on the country chart.”

The song, from their Lonely Grill album, stayed in the top spot on the country charts for eight consecutive weeks, with a remixed version holding the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Top 100 for two weeks as well.

“It’s a universal song,” Richie said. “Sometimes when a song like that comes along, it needs a little pushing and prodding, but something like that was kind of a natural evolvement.”

Not all of the reception for the song was positive, however.

“We caught a lot of flack for it over the years, saying we sold out,” Richie added. “Of course, we had to have the pop mix, and the Hot AC mix. I was driving home from Nashville one day, and I swear I had no idea. I hear the four on the floor,” he says, stomping his feet and singing the hook, “I was like, ‘Where’d that come from?’”


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